5 Best Keyword Competitive Intelligence Tools for SMBs

by cyrus on Jun 25

One of the best ways to keep your business going in the right directions is by learning from your competitors. Every business makes mistakes. While you do not want to pick up those, there is no reason you should not look at the positive strategies adopted by your competitors to see if there is anything you can adopt in your own business. Those of you who own an online business can benefit a lot from keywords spy tools. They can tell you what keywords your competitors are using and how they are spending their money online. This information can help you improve your advertising efforts and find new areas to focus on.

If you are ready to take your competitive intelligence game to the next level, these 5 keyword CI tools are must try:

iSpionage: a complete competitive intelligence tool that shows you information on any website’s PPC and SEO efforts. It helps you go through your competitors’ ads and build your own campaigns more effectively.

Keyword Spy: one of the most powerful keywords spy tools around. It enables you to keep track of the most profitable keywords, find new markets to tackle, and expand your keyword list significantly.

Compete: needs no introduction. It can dig up all kinds of information on your website and your competitors. Works great for those of you hoping to customize your website for the search engines.

SpyFu: an underrated keyword tool that gives you all kinds of information about what your competitors are doing and what the trends are in your niche. It even compares your website against others and identifies areas you need to work on.

SEOmoz Tools: has a bunch of tools that can keep track of your rankings, help you find new areas to target, analyze your website, and find out more information about your visitors’ website.

Which tool(s) are you using?

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