4 Ways To Turn Your Blog Into an E-book

by cyrus on Dec 10

Have you been blogging about your business or niche for some time? When you start blogging, it is hard to imagine writing 100 or thousands of posts. If you blog on a daily basis, you’ll get there soon enough. Those business bloggers who have spent their time trying to offer the best quality content possible with each and every post can always make an e-book out of their blog posts. These types of e-books can be sold or given away for free to loyal customers. The good news is you won’t need to spend a fortune to transform your blog into an e-book. These 4 products let you do that quickly:

Chapters: a powerful theme for your WordPress blog that turns it into an online e-book. Your visitors can go through your chapters just like they would with a book. Great tool to promote an e-book with.

Zinepal: an awesome service that creates PDF, Kindle, Mobi, and ePub documents from your website’s content. Allows you to pick and choose what shows up in your e-book. It can turn RSS feeds, blogs, and websites into books.

PadPressed: the perfect choice if you intend to target iPad owners with your e-book (content). It is quite versatile and makes your website look like a native iPad app. Gives you the chance to organize your content to your heart’s desire.

Anthologize: a free, open source platform that makes an e-book out of your work. Lets you pull in content from other sites or your own blog. Ordering your content can’t be any easier using this platform. It supports various e-book formats.

If you have a fairly established blog with lots of good content, there is no reason you should not turn it into an e-book. Whether you want to actually it is up to you.

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