4 Business Card Tools You Should See

by cyrus on Nov 5

Every entrepreneur needs a decent business card (online and offline). You will also need to keep track of the cards you gather at events, especially if you are serious about leveraging your contacts to get some business done. Building, e-sharing, and storing business cards should not take too much of your time. Not when you can use the below services to get the job done:

CloudContacts: a business card service that scans and transcribes your business cards for you. It stores your cards for you so you can access your information at all times.

CardBoard: a simple but useful service that lets you post your business card online and search for other people’s business cards. It can be used to promote your business or give others a way to find your information online.

BusinessCards2: want to share your business card with the world on the Internet? Maybe you want to have a way to download someone’s contact information online. Either way, this service can help.

Card.ly: a handy service that lets you create a virtual contact card for your business online. It allows you to add your outpost information (e.g. Facebook, blog, an Twitter) to your card.
Have you got any suggestions? Have you use any of the above services?

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