5 Helpful Services for Business Bloggers

by cyrus on Sep 17

If you own a business, you need to have a blog. There are no ifs, ands, and buts. If you can’t take time to write useful content for your audience and communicate with them, you won’t have too much success growing your business. A blog for your business can help you connect with your prospects, get leads from the search engines, and gain unique feedback from your audience.

Blogging for your business is not easy. Business owners can’t just wing it. You need to have a strategy and a set of tools to help you offer more value to your visitors and get the most out of your blog. Even if you have come up with the perfect strategy for your business blog, you still need to execute at a high level to meet your business goals. These 5 blogging tools won’t come up with a strategy for you, but they do save you time implementing your plans:

Zemanta: a powerful service that enriches your blog posts and helps you add more relevant content to your posts. It can be used as a link building tool too.

Lizzer: a powerful tool that makes it easier for bloggers to dig up content to add to their blog posts. Makes the whole research process easier.

Boostpost: a simple to use service that enables you to add social networking and bookmarking buttons to your website easily. It has plenty of networks for you to choose from and is easy to deploy.

Tynt: a powerful analytics tool that informs you what has been copied on your website. Great way to find out which sections of your website your visitors are interacting with (for optimization purposes).

Posterous: a lot of businesses are on Twitter and Facebook. That does not mean they should forget about other useful social networking platforms. Posterous is one of those blogging communities that can quite useful to businesses.

Blogging for business can be challenging. The above tools and services can help businesses share their content with the world more effectively and offer more value to their visitors. Businesses will still need to have a solid strategy to get the most out of these services.

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