4 Services To Secure Your Website With

by cyrus on Oct 7

People who have had to run a website in the past know the importance of investing in tools and services that can protect their website against disasters and hack attacks. Some of these tools can cost a ton of money but may be worth it for large businesses. These 4 tools give webmasters peace of mind and are affordable for small business owners:

VaultPress: one of the best services to sign up for to protect your WordPress website with. It helps webmasters backup their WordPress sites. It can handle security issues too.

CodeGuard: getting hacked is not fun. It can set your business back if you don’t catch it early. Besides, getting rid of scripts injected to your website can take a bit of time. This service lets you know about the changes made to your code.

CloudFlare: it makes your website faster. More importantly, it protects your website from spammers/SQL injection/DDOS attacks.

Dot Defender: can provide your website with a higher level of protection against malicious attacks. The prices are not that low. But web hosts such as VPS.net offer this service for a low price per site.

These services are very helpful for small business owners as they protect their web properties. They are fairly affordable too which helps.

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