3 Ways To Make Your Website iPhone Friendly

by cyrus on Sep 16

Millions of people own an iPhone these days. As an online business owner, you simply can’t afford not to target those folks. Unfortunately, many webmasters have themes that are not completely iPhone friendly. Not all business owners afford to invest money in developing highly sophisticated apps for their sites. If you are using WordPress, here are 3 ways you can make your website iPhone friendly:

Handheld theme: a superb mobile theme that serves a mobile friendly version of your website on handheld devices such as iPhone. It works on Android devices too.

WP Touch: one of the best plugins in this category. It serves a different version of your website to your iPhone visitors without disturbing your regular readers. This plugin also has a skin for Apple iPad.

Mobile Friendly themes: if you have not brought your website online yet, you can always invest in a theme that is mobile friendly. Many theme developers understand this need and have designed their new work accordingly. ThemeForest and WooThemes are just two places you can look for these types of templates.

Some online businesses have both a mobile friendly website and a native app for iOS. If you have the time and resources for that approach, more power to you. Otherwise, you can use the above solutions to get this done for cheap.

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