How To Start Premium Content Sites Using WordPress

by cyrus on Nov 30

Many of us give all our content to our visitors for free. There is nothing wrong with that if you can monetize your work using ads. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. You could always charge for your premium content or leverage your fan base to take your business to the next level. These 5 WordPress plugins let you do just that:

Membership: it is a flexible plugin that lets you start a membership site using WordPress. You can still offer free content to promote your paid content.

Pay Per View: sometimes, you have a special video, audio, or article that is worth charging per each view. This plugin lets you do just that. It can handle subscriptions too.

Paid Downloads: a simple plugin you can use to accept payments for digital downloads on your site. It supports PayPal, Payza and  other payment systems. It supports temporary download links and is translation ready.

Restrict Content Pro: turns your website into a content subscription portal. You can track payments, offer discounts, and use the add-ons available for it to expand your business faster.

Social Content Locker: proactive social promotion takes effort and has its own costs. You could use this plugin to get your visitors to promote your site in return for premium content.

You don’t necessarily need WordPress to start your own membership site. But if you do go with one of the above plugins, you won’t have to learn a new content management system. They let you generate more revenue for your business or at least get something in return for your great content.

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