6 Essential Android Apps for Business

by cyrus on Apr 28

Android is one of the fastest growing platforms around. It is now being used by millions of people around the globe. It is a very small business friendly operating system as there are a ton of free and paid business applications available for it. Unlike Apple iOS apps, Android applications can be downloaded from multiple application stores.

If you own an Android device and want to use it for your business more effectively, these 6 Android apps are must try:

Business Calendar: one of the best calendars around for Android. It can help you keep up with your tasks and stay productive on the road. Syncs with Google Calendar.

Wyse PocketCloud: want to connect to your work computer from a remote location? This app can get the job done. It is tablet friendly.

WorldCard Mobile: the perfect tool for networkers. It allows you to scan business cards and grab information from your new contacts fast.

Package Tracker Pro: if you have to deal with packages (shipping or receiving them) on a daily basis, this Android application helps you track all your packages more conveniently.

TimeClock – Time Tracker: a useful tool for freelancers. It keeps track of your billable hours. Useful tool to use to bill your clients more conveniently.

Quickoffice Pro: a lot of businesses rely on Microsoft Office documents to get things done on a daily basis. This application helps you manipulate those files on your computer.

There are of course plenty of other decent Android applications available for Android. Please feel free to add your suggestions below.


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