3 Easy Ways To Rotate Ads On Your Website

by cyrus on Nov 11

Most publishers rely on ads to stay afloat these days. Ads should not be your only revenue stream. But they can contribute to the growth of your business. Most webmasters rely on AdSense and other third party ad servers to rotate banners on their sites. At some point, you will have to test your own ads to make sure you are getting the most revenue out of the ad spaces available on your site. Here are 3 easy ways to rotate ads on your site:

Install OpenX: OpenX is a powerful ad server solution for publishers. It has a hosted solution but you can also install it on your server. It lets you sell your own ads and manage all your banners professionally.

Use WordPress plugins: it is no secret that most bloggers use WordPress to manage their site. Plugins such as AdRotate make rotating ads on your blog easy.

Run ad server scripts: depending on the platform and software you are using on your server, there are plenty of scripts you can install to rotate ads on your site. You don’t always have to pay for these solutions as many of them are open source and free.

Webmasters need to rotate different ads and test different offers to maximize their revenue. As you can see, rotating ads on sites is not that hard or expensive to do.

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