5 Killer Cheat Sheets for Online Businesses

by cyrus on Apr 22

Small business owners have to wear many hats each and everyday. That applies to online business owners as well. If you are in this field to make a living off your website, you are going to have to know your SEO, be familiar with your content management system, and know a bit about your server too. These 5 cheat sheets could give you a crash course on these topics:

Server Headers 101: if you are in the business of web development or want to know how to diagnose your server issues or code faster, you should get yourself familiar with server header responses. Server Header 101 covers these.

SEO Cheat Sheet for Web Develoopers: this cheat sheet by SEOmoz shows you what it takes to optimize the on-page SEO factors for your website.

Ultimate WordPress cheat sheet: perfect for WordPress developers and those who want to learn how to debug and fix their WordPress themes by themselves.

Anatomy of a WordPress Theme: another useful cheat sheet to show you what your WordPress theme is made of and how you can fix its issues without having to waste time going through all kinds of files.

Downtime Survival Guide: every website and server goes down once in a while. If you are not prepared to handle it, you are going to have a difficult time managing your online business. This amazing cheat sheet by Kissmetrics shows you how to handle server and site outages.

These cheat sheets won’t make you a master in these topics but they should save you time looking up information or getting on the right track.

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