4 Ways To Create an Online Business Card

by cyrus on Apr 15

Every small business owner needs to network and connect with people who can help him/her get things done. Having an easy way to share your contact information with the world is nice though. That’s where business card templates come into play. They let business owners create a site to share their business’ contact information from. These types of sites can save business owners time and help them network more effectively.

If you are looking to create your own business card site fast, these 4 website templates are worth checking out:

DotMe Business Card: quite an impressive website template for those who want to share a little bit about themselves with the world and include their contact information and experiences too.

Business Card WordPress Theme: as the name suggests, this WordPress theme has been designed for those who want to share their contact information and background with the world. It is pretty simple looking and easy to set up.

Visiting Card: a free WordPress theme that lets you share your social media profiles with the world. It brings it all together, making it easier for your contacts to connect with you on LinkedIn, Twitter, and …

MyResume Theme: it lets you bring an enhanced version of your resume to the Internet. Users can share their previous work experience and objectives with the world using this theme. This is pretty useful for freelancers and those looking for a job too.

The above templates are easy to implement and save you time sharing your contact information with the world. They can make networking pretty easy.


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