4 Ways To Build a Mobile App for Cheap

by cyrus on Jul 15

Android and iOS are two powerful mobile platforms for businesses to take advantage of to reach customers “on the go.” Creating an iOS or Android application for a business could require a lot of up-front investment. But these 4 tools allow business owners to do the job without having to go broke:

AppMakr: it is a user-friendly application builder system for iOS. Users can create an application for their portal in a flash and publish it to iTunes in no time.

MyAppBuilder: lets you turn your blog into an iPhone application quickly. You can use it to promote your e-book, get your brand more exposure, and engage your audience.

App Inventor: this tool is a part of Google Labs. It can create fairly sophisticated applications as long as you take time to get yourself familiar with everything it has to offer.

Native Apps Builder: a WordPress plugin that creates a native version of your blog for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Just download the appropriate code and submit it to the appropriate store to go live.

If you need to create a native iOS or Android application for your online business in an affordable fashion, the above tools can more than help.

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