5 Best Tax Software For Small Businesses

by cyrus on Jan 22

In case you haven’t noticed, tax time is awfully close again. Whether you are a corporate or an individual, you only have a few months to get your tax documents in the system. Of course, the deadline could be different depending on the type of tax return you want to file. But most people will have done their tax by April. Many small business owners prefer doing their taxes by themselves. After all, that saves you a bit of money that you can spend on other things. But doing things by hand can be difficult, which is why you want to pick up proper software to help you prepare your taxes and stay on the top of legal issues associated with running your business.

To prepare your business taxes, you are going to need a decent accounting software as well as a good office suite. It would also help if you have a legal reference to go with those. With that in mind, here are 5 software kits that let you prepare your business tax more effectively:

TurboTax Business Federal + efile 2009

TurboTax Business Federal + efile 2009: designed to help you prepare your business tax fast. It helps you maximize your business deductions too. It’s not perfect so don’t get too aggressive with your write offs.

Quicken Home & Business 2010

Quicken Home & Business 2010: Quicken has helped me a lot with my business. It helps me keep track of incoming and outgoing funds. Of course, it’d be nice if we could get the updates for free once in a while. But the software is constantly improving, so you’ll have all you need to keep track of your business transactions.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 Business Edition

Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 Business Edition: you can’t run a business without an Office Suite. You can always use Google Docs, which is a free service. I am personally not ready to make the jump. That’s why I still use Microsoft Office.

Home & Business Lawyer 2010

Home & Business Lawyer 2010: it doesn’t replace a lawyer or an accountant. But it gives you an easy way to find out answers to some of your legal questions without having to go to you lawyer. Quicken Legal Business Pro 2009 is a good alternative here.

Business Plan Pro Premier 15th Anniversary Edition

Business Plan Pro Premier: my favorite piece of software on the market. It works with Quickbooks and lets me keep track of my business’ progress. May not be a tax software per se, but it fits in the big picture if you happen to be using Quickbooks.

Your turn: which one of the above software kits are you using in your business?

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