4 Best Newsletter Services for Businesses

by cyrus on Feb 26

Whether you are a small business owner hoping to get your business online and take it to the next level, or you are interested in building a loyal following for your blog or your mature website, you are going to need a newsletter manager to help you manage your lists easier. Online marketers have used list mangers for a long time to expand their business and make more money with less effort. These services not only make it easy for your visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe from your lists. They also help you stay compliant and reduce your liabilities as well.

As a business owner, you want to make sure you pick the right outsourcing partner to manage your e-mail lists. That means you want to choose a service that doesn’t life difficult with its interface and provides you with appropriate support. Of course, you can always manage your newsletter yourself if you have the resources. But problems will arise from time to time, so you want to be ready for it.

If you are looking for a newsletter solution for your business, here are 4 business e-mail marketing services that can come in handy:

Aweber: we may be a bit biased here, but Aweber has been a service that we have been using for years, and it continues to be a great partner for our business. The interface is very easy to get used to and the service gives us a lot of control over our forms and how we manage our lists. Managing subscribers couldn’t be easier. Besides, the service is very affordable too. If you are going to have a lot of lists, you are going to enjoy working with Aweber.

Constant Contact: before using Aweber, we were a part of Constant Contact community. This email marketing service comes with a ton of features for businesses and is a bit more pricey than Aweber. The reason we made the switch to Aweber was the fact that e-mail was not part of our main strategy to expand our business. But if you rely heavily on e-mail lists to get your business done, Constant Contact and their support team are a pleasure to work with. They also help you stay compliant with the spam laws. You can always try the service for 60 days free of charge.

iContact: very similar in features to Constant Contact. I do prefer the interface to Constant Contact. The service comes with some innovative features to help you better target your audience and also stay away from those spam filters. You can use it to create newsletters from your existing website. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend time thinking about how to manage your e-mail newsletter program, iContact is another good option.

PHP List: before moving to Constant Contact, this was a script that we used to manage our list. It’s not for everyone as it requires you to have your very own team. But you can easily create sophisticated email newsletter programs with this script without having to rely on the above services. It’s free too. If you have your own IT and marketing team, PHP List is a nice script to try.

What’s your favorite business newsletter service?

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