5 Ways To Make Your WordPress Site iPhone & iPad Friendly

by cyrus on Nov 19

It is easy to assume for businesses that people simply do not check their websites on iPhone and iPad devices. It is impossible to know unless you keep track of your mobile visitors. A quick look at your web analytics data should give you all the information you need to figure out how many of your leads are visiting your website from their idevices. Unfortunately, not all site designs are created to be iPad and iPhone friendly. That’s why all businesses should invest in additional designs to make sure their online presences can be viewed and browsed conveniently on those devices. These 5 iPhone/iPad friendly themes and plugins for WordPress more than do the job:

PadPressed: PadPressed makes your website look like a native app on iPad devices. It has plenty of options for you to optimize to make your website look even more impressive on iPads.

SOFA iBloggr: designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. Fits 320px screens perfectly and should not mess up your design. It looks slick and is HTML 5 compliant.

WP Touch Pro: a wonderful solution that makes your website more iPhone friendly. Your articles and content will be displayed in a more user-friendly fashion. You can even serve mobile ads by using this theme.

Mobility WordPress Theme: a cool iPad-ready WordPress theme for businesses with finger sliding capabilities. Both portrait and landscape modes are supported too.

DotMobi: a clean and fast theme for those of you targeting smart-phone devices. It does not require any additional plugin to work.

Mobile is the future of business. Neglecting your mobile visitors equals leaving business (and money) on the table. The above mobile themes and plugins should help you get the job done and not go broke in the process.

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