5 Ways To Find Aftermarket & Expired Domains

by cyrus on Dec 17

In a perfect world, new businesses would be able to register that perfect domain without having to go broke. Unfortunately, that is not possible in a world full of domaining professionals. Just because the domain you are after is already registered does not mean you can’t acquire it. You can always wait for the domain to expire or acquire it in domain aftermarkets. You will need some luck to do it, but these 5 services can help:

DomainFace: DomainFace is a powerful piece of software that lets you find aged domains, go after domain auctions, and even keep track of your domain portfolio (just in case you are in the domaining business).

Pool.com: one of the best services around to find expired domain names. It provides you with the exact date domains expire on. You can always back-order domains and have this service register your domain for you as soon as it becomes available.

Snap Names: a good alternative service to Pool.com. Not only it can help you find expired domains, it allows you to participate in domain auctions and sell your own domains. 

Name jet: a complete service that lets you go after aftermarket domains. It has private and public domain auctions. Bulk bidding is supported too (meaning that you can bid on multiple domains and get the all if possible).

Buy Domains: looking to acquire a premium domain? Don’t have a problem paying a bit more to get the domain of your dreams? Buy Domains has you covered. It has an easy to use interface and has the tools you will need to find killer domains fast.

Aftermarket and expired domains can cost you more than just $10 (average regular domain registration fee) to acquire, but they can give your business a better chance to succeed if you happen to find decent ones. The above services should help you do just that.

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