5 Ways To Choose A Reliable Web Host for Business

by cyrus on May 25

Finding the perfect web host for your business is impossible. There is no such a thing as the perfect web host. No matter how much money you spend and how many hours you consume researching web hosts, you are always going to have issues with your hosting partner. The key is to find a partner that will get your business on track when things go wrong.

Identifying a reliable business web host can be challenging. There are many companies that promise a lot and deliver a little. Here are 5 ways you should about finding a decent host to help you run your website(s):

  • Compare hosts: before signing an agreement with a hosting company, you need to make sure it offers the features that your business needs. Don’t just think short-term here. You should invest in a partnership that would allow your business to keep growing. Comparing multiple hosts would never hurt. You should also pay attention to server security when it comes to choosing a host for your business.
  • Search forums: you can find a lot about a web host by searching industry forums for complaints and honest reviews by customers. Not all these reviews will be honest. But forums are a great place to start digging up information about the hosts you have on your short list.
  • Use social networks: we have had a lot of success choosing great web hosts with the help of social media. If you have a lot of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, you could ask them to help you find out more about people you are interested in working with. It is also wise to ask your contacts about their hosting experiences to find new leads.
  • Search engine are your friends: search engines such as Google help you find reviews and the latest news in regards to the companies you are planning to work with. You should use queries such as (“[company x sucks or company y issues”]) to find and remove problematic hosts fromĀ  your list.
  • Go through support pages: most web hosts have open support forums and status pages (not all of them though). By checking these pages for downtime announcements, you might figure out how reliable the host you want to work with is.

Finding a reliable web host is not something you can do overnight. It takes a lot of research and time to identify a host you won’t regret working with. The above tips help you avoid unreliable hosts and save you some headaches in the long run.

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