5 Powerful Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

by cyrus on Jan 7

Twitter and Facebook have millions of people adding content to them on a daily basis. While these communities can be great for individuals and businesses, the noise can be quite frustrating to deal with, especially for small businesses who do not have all the time in the world to filter through the irrelevant information. Thankfully there are tools that can help businesses filter through the content on these sites to find more relevant information. Entrepreneurs can also rely on these 5 social networks to gather information and keep up:

Quora: a social network for questions and answers. It does borrow a lot of good ideas from sites such as Twitter but is very different in nature. Great way to engage in discussions, ask questions, and help fellow entrepreneurs out.

Sprouter: feels like Twitter for startups and businesses. Users can follow other entrepreneurs, keep track of their favorite topics, and get involved in this community’s Q&A.

LinkedIn: it does not really need any introduction. It is the best place for professionals to network, build relationships, come up with new ideas, and even syndicate their content.

Startup Nation: starting and running a new business is not always straight forward. There are plenty of things that can go wrong. Having a community of start-up owners and experts to rely on for those situations can be very helpful. That’s what Startup Nation is all about.

Entrepreneur Connect: Entrepreneur is still one of the best portals for small businesses and start-ups. It not only has a lot of useful information for business owners, it has a great community for you to take advantage of to connect with fellow business owners from around the globe.

What’s your favorite social network for startups?

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