5 Powerful Open Source CMS for Business

by cyrus on May 28

As an online business owner, you want to spend most of your time developing business assets and less time worrying about the platform your business is operated on. Once you have a solid, reliable content management system in place, you can spend more of your time on activities that matter the most to your business. A lot of business owners decide to go with closed source content management systems. While there is nothing wrong with that approach, you may be able to get more value out of open source solutions (and the support of the community as well).

There are plenty of open CMS solutions around these days. You can pull off almost anything with some of these solutions. Having said that, here are 5 open source CMS solutions that stand out:

WordPress: it needs no introduction. This site and millions of other sites on the Internet take advantage of WordPress. The new edition of WordPress will support multi-sites, so businesses can create many websites using one install. Can do almost anything with this CMS.

Joomla: Joomla is one of my favorite open source content management solutions for business. It’s capable of handling more sophisticated portals and has a ton of plugins and templates too.

Elgg: a free social networking package that you can use to develop a social networking website exclusive to your business. Pretty powerful.

Pligg: a great open source CMS for creating Digg-like websites. A great software for managing user generated content.

SMF: SMF is not as popular as PHPBB or vBulletin, but it’s one of the most secure forum software solutions around. Every online business needs a support forum. SMF is SEO friendly and easy to implement.

It is true that the items on this list are all free solutions. But that does not the reason to go with them. They are pretty powerful solutions and have a solid community behind them. That always helps when you are in the process of choosing a reliable CMS for your business.

What’s your favorite open source CMS?

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