3 Essential iPhone App Marketing Books for Developers

by cyrus on Jun 4

The field of iPhone development is growing fast. Add iPad to the mix and entrepreneurs have even more reasons to get involved in this field. As long as one has a unique idea, there is no reason not to start an iPhone business app these days. Of course, starting an iPhone business is more than just writing code and mastering the iPhone SDK. App entrepreneurs need to promote their apps and do all kinds of other things to take their business on the ground. So a little marketing training never hurts, especially for hardcore app developers.

There are plenty of books that try to teach you how to use iPhone or write code for it. But these 3 books teach you how to market your app once you have developed it:

iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: it teaches you how to develop the right strategy for your app, how to market it, and even promote it using social media.

Starting an iPhone Application Business For Dummies: if you are a beginner, this book is going to give you the information you need to start with your first app. Don’t let the name fool you. It has plenty of information on pricing, marketing, and ways to generate buzz for an app.

The Business of iPhone App Development: a very informative book that shows you how to maximize your opportunity with each app. Covers social media and PR as well.

If you are a hardcore developer or have never marketed an iPhone or iPad app in the past, the above books can give you a good head-start.

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