Developing an iPhone or Android application can take a lot of time and effort. But your job is not done with coding only. You are also going to have to promote your app like a pro. Putting together a mini portal for your app is one of the best ways to build your brand and get your app(s) more attention. Here are 5 responsive site templates and themes that let you promote your apps online and look great on mobile devices too:

Grizzly: a responsive theme for those of you who use WordPress. It has plenty of icons, 7 custom widgets, and 3 ways to showcase your apps.

FluidApp: a fully responsive site template you can use to promote iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry apps. It has valid HTML5 and CSS3. [click to continue…]


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People who have sold a product of their own online know the importance of offering superb after-sale support to their customers. By doing that, you will enhance your business’ reputation and keep your customers coming back for more. Setting up a bug/fault tracking site for your product should not be difficult. These 3 WordPress themes can handle the job:

Faultpress for WordPress: it transforms your website into a bug tracking community for your product. It offers advanced ticketing and messaging systems. [click to continue…]


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Millions of people own an iPhone these days. As an online business owner, you simply can’t afford not to target those folks. Unfortunately, many webmasters have themes that are not completely iPhone friendly. Not all business owners afford to invest money in developing highly sophisticated apps for their sites. If you are using WordPress, here are 3 ways you can make your website iPhone friendly:

Handheld theme: a superb mobile theme that serves a mobile friendly version of your website on handheld devices such as iPhone. It works on Android devices too.

WP Touch: one of the best plugins in this category. It serves a different version of your website to your iPhone visitors without disturbing your regular readers. This plugin also has a skin for Apple iPad.

Mobile Friendly themes: if you have not brought your website online yet, you can always invest in a theme that is mobile friendly. Many theme developers understand this need and have designed their new work accordingly. ThemeForest and WooThemes are just two places you can look for these types of templates.

Some online businesses have both a mobile friendly website and a native app for iOS. If you have the time and resources for that approach, more power to you. Otherwise, you can use the above solutions to get this done for cheap.


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It is easy to assume for businesses that people simply do not check their websites on iPhone and iPad devices. It is impossible to know unless you keep track of your mobile visitors. A quick look at your web analytics data should give you all the information you need to figure out how many of your leads are visiting your website from their idevices. Unfortunately, not all site designs are created to be iPad and iPhone friendly. That’s why all businesses should invest in additional designs to make sure their online presences can be viewed and browsed conveniently on those devices. These 5 iPhone/iPad friendly themes and plugins for WordPress more than do the job:

PadPressed: PadPressed makes your website look like a native app on iPad devices. It has plenty of options for you to optimize to make your website look even more impressive on iPads.

SOFA iBloggr: designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. Fits 320px screens perfectly and should not mess up your design. It looks slick and is HTML 5 compliant.

WP Touch Pro: a wonderful solution that makes your website more iPhone friendly. Your articles and content will be displayed in a more user-friendly fashion. You can even serve mobile ads by using this theme. [click to continue…]


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One of the best ways to make money online is by having your very own store. It’s true that services such as Amazon astore give you the chance to start selling other people’s products, but when you are dealing with commissions, you usually end up getting a fraction of what you could be making if you had your very own store. Many newbies are scared of spending money to develop their own e-commerce store. In reality, you don’t have to spend that much of a money to get your store going. WordPress is your best friend here.

There are plenty of premium WordPress themes and plugins that one can use to build a killer e-commerce website. Once you have become more established, you can always spend more money adding more features to your website. At the same time, these themes allow you to reduce your initial risk and test some things out.

To start your e-commerce website without spending too much money up front, you should give these 5 cool e-commerce themes for WordPress a look:

E-commerce: a very powerful and flexible WordPress theme for anyone who is serious about starting an online store. It makes it easy to manage coupons, customers, orders, and even start an affiliate program for your store.

Kidz Store: it’s almost as powerful as the first theme on this list. However, it’s more colorful and designed for niche stores. So if you are planning to sell clothes, toys, or other niche items, this WordPress theme has you covered.

The Furniture Store: an attractive, dark WordPress theme designed for those of you who are interested in selling furniture and products of that nature. Pretty versatile for niche stores. [click to continue…]

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Whether you are a small business owner hoping to go online or just starting your online business, you are going to need a website to succeed. Hosting a website is not too expensive these days, but having a website designed from ground up can be. That’s why smart small business owners rely on open source solutions such as WordPress to go live with their websites without breaking the bank. Premium WordPress themes make it easy to give a website a whole new look and feel without spending too much money. And if you need your site to look unique, you can always hire a designer to change things around. That won’t cost you as much as hiring someone to design a site from scratch.

If you are planning to launch multiple websites and need professional quality themes to give your sites the better chance to succeed, here are 5 WordPress theme membership clubs you should look at:

Templatic: a very powerful membership theme club for WordPress that gives you access to various professional looking themes to take your e-commerce business online or start your business blog.

WooThemes: WooThemes is one of the top premium theme clubs for WordPress. New themes come out on a regular basis, and the cost is not that high. Best of all, you get all you need to change these themes around to make them fit your needs. [click to continue…]


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