5 Awesome Infographics for Bloggers

by cyrus on Sep 9

Many folks are making a living online out of blogging. Blogging can be a lucrative business for those who are passionate about it and don’t mind going out of their comfort zone to make their business work. Bloggers do need to wear multiple hats. They will have to worry about their site’s design, tools to use on it, and many other things. Here are 5 infographics that could help those interested in this field get a better sense for it:

The Evolution of Blogging: the blogging world has evolved in the past few years. Not everyone has to tackle the same topics. This infographic shows you how this business has changed.

Must have plugins for WordPress: want to set up your website using WordPress? These plugins can help improve your website.

Website Downtime Survival Guide: all webmasters have to deal with downtimes from time to time. This infographic shows you how to handle blog outages.

What Makes Someone Leave A Website?: you can spend hours trying to improve your blog and take your business to the next level. Bad navigation or content will take away from your business. This infographic highlights some of the mistakes webmasters make.

Proven ways to get more retweets: Twitter is a huge traffic driver for bloggers. But if you are not getting enough retweets, you won’t be maximing your opportunity in this community. This infographic shows 5 ways you can get more retweets.

Developing a successful blogging business is not always easy. You will have to wear multiple hats to make it work. If you are passionate about blogging, there is no reason not to try.

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