How to Publish WordPress Posts to Google+ and Vice Versa (3 Plugins)

by cyrus on May 18

Google+ is one of the top social networks you can’t afford to ignore as a business owner. The more active you are in the community and the better connections you make, the more success you will achieve through this community. You can always import your G+ activities to your blog or publish your latest posts to Google+ to gain more traffic. These plugins help you handle those jobs:

Google+ Crossposting: lets you import your public activities from Google+ into your WordPress blog. This plugin automates this process.

WP Google Plus Connect: connects your blog to your Google+ account. Lets your visitors register on your blog using their Google+ account. They can import their streams too.

WPGPlus: this plugin posts your blog posts to Google+. You can pick and choose which posts get posted. It lets you add more content to your posts using your excerpts.

These plugins make the process of importing your Google+ posts to your blog or sending your blog posts to G+ a piece of cake. They are not perfect but do get the job done.

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