5 Google+ Directories To Find People With

by cyrus on Jul 29

Google+ is a powerful social network and will soon give brands a new way to connect with their fans. Google may have not introduced Google+ for businesses yet, but it will be huge when it does decide to do so. You do not have to act as a business to get started with Google+. Thanks to these 5 directories, you can get involved on Google+ right away:

Google+ Statistics: not only it shows you the top players on Google+, it also shows where the hot discussions are.

Google Plus Directory: want to find people based on factors that matter to you? This directory can help. You can connect with people based on their occupation, city, country, and a whole lot more.

Google Hangout Directory: want to find out about the latest hangouts on Google+? This simple directory might help.

Pluserati: Alltop is a great place to find blogs to read. It also has a powerful section on top Google Plus users.

Google+ Directory: does not have the best look in the bunch. But it does let you search for people based on various factors.

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