5 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Keep Up with Their Markets

by cyrus on Jun 17

Being an online entrepreneur is not as easy as some make it to be. This type of business can be quite volatile, depending on the markets you are involved in. Every entrepreneur should take time to keep up with the news in his/her markets and keep an eye on the trends. These 5 tools can help you do just that:

LinkedIn Today: a quite useful service that shows you which stories are being shared in your community more often. You can narrow down your results to get the stories that are relevant to your market.

All Top: a superb online directory that includes a ton of RSS feeds from top websites from various industries. Just choose the topic that interests you, and this site will provide you with top RSS feeds related to that topic.

Post Rank: one of the tools that we use to find out who is developing high quality content in a given niche. It shows you which sites are on their way up and also the ones that are slowing down. Though it has been acquired by Google, it still does have exciting tools for content discovery.

Flip Board: want to keep up with the news on your iPad? This is one amazing tool that makes keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader feeds a more pleasant experience.

Hootsuite: social media has revolutionized the way we consume the news these days. Thanks to this tool, you can keep up with your customers and colleagues, share and learn about the latest news, and filter through the noise to find ideas and gems in your market.

Every entrepreneur needs to take time to keep up with his or her industry’s developments. The above tools can more than simplify the process.

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