4 Quality Infographic Designers

by cyrus on May 20

As a business owner, you are not going to have the time to do everything yourself. You should only focus on tackling core business activities and outsource as many things as possible. That includes getting people to design your infographics for you. Infographics can get your business a ton of links and attention. So you want to make sure you get them right. These 4 design companies can help you outsource this process and continue growing your business one step at a time:

Column Five Media: we got introduced to these folks through a partner of ours. They have multiple plans and can even help you with the research process. Their prices are fairly affordable too.

Lab 42: they have premium plans for infographics and surveys. If you are looking to create a data-heavy infographic, these guys are well worth working with. A great choice for established businesses.

Killer Infographics: offer you the best bang for your bucks. They have flexible plans and do a very decent job for very affordable prices. They deliver infographics fast.

Voltier Creative: they have an impressive portfolio and are behind some of the most colorful infographics around. Well worth reaching out to if you have a decent idea for your infographic.

Did we miss your infographic design business? Please share your information (and portfolio) below.

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