4 Ways To Start An Affiliate Program for Your Business

by cyrus on May 7

There is no better way to take your business to the next level than starting your own affiliate program. It’s a no brainer really. Many business owners do not want to give up any part of their revenue, which is why they may be hesitant about running their own affiliate programs. It could also take a lot of work if you have lots of affiliates. But why would one want to avoid recruiting affiliates when they can sell products without any real effort on the merchant’s side. You are only going to have a certain number of hours each day, so it does make sense to outsource your promotional efforts by relying on affiliate marketers. The risk is not that high either.

Large businesses prefer working with networks such as LinkShare or CJ. But those networks can be a bit expensive to deal with for small businesses. Thankfully, there are software solutions that one can use to start an affiliate program and control how things are run. Here are 4 affiliate software solutions to get you started:

iDevAffiliate: used by many top independent sites on the Internet. It makes it so easy to host an affiliate program and gives merchants options. It can be integrated with other software solutions as well.

Post Affiliate Pro: a nice alternative to iDevAffiliate. It is designed to handle small or large affiliate programs. Your affiliates can start their campaigns, take advantage of your banners, or create their own links. The report options are pretty nice too.

WordPress Affiliate Platform: if you happen to run a WordPress website and do not want to deal with a whole new platform, this plugin enables you to use your WordPress software to run your own affiliate program. Probably less versatile than the first two options.

aMember Membership Script: owning a membership website is a great way to make money online. But you don’t want to start one without also having your own affiliate program on the side. aMember works with iDevAffiliate script to give you the ability to run both a membership site and your affiliate program.

As your affiliate program grows, you can always join Shareasale or other top affiliate networks. If you plan on running your own affiliate program, the above script can make your life easier.

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