5 Ways To Make WordPress Tablet and Smartphone Friendly

by cyrus on Oct 12

Many bloggers and webmasters use WordPress to run their website. It is a great platform that makes managing content super easy. But not all WordPress themes are mobile and tablet friendly. Considering that more people are now using their tablets and smartphones to browse the web, having a site that works well on large and small displays is a good business idea. These 5 themes and plugins make your site more responsive:

Responsive themes: the best way to do this is by adopting a theme that is responsive. We are talking about themes that are coded to work well on small and large screens.

WP Touch: one of the best solutions around for this purpose. It makes your website iPhone/Android and tablet friendly. Its skins are quite awesome too.

Onswipe: formerly known as Padpressed, Onswipe is a platform that makes your website more touch friendly.

Handheld: an affordable plugin that makes your website smartphone friendly. It offers unlimited colors and a highly responsive design. This is compatible with all major mobile platforms.

Mobile themes: one way to make your website mobile or tablet friendly is by serving your visitors different versions of it based on their device. It is not perfect but does work.

Even if you are not getting a lot of mobile traffic these days, it never hurts to get prepared for the future. Smartphones and tablets are here to stay. We may as well get used to that.

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