Why you should get a website domain today!

by cyrus on Jul 29

Before I start talking about starting an Internet venture, I would like to take a little of time to talk about the importance of registering your website domain. These days people make a mistake of believing that you need to be a web developer in order register a domain or you even need to have a website ready for the domain that you want to register. That’s really not the case. You can register a domain and park it until you are ready. But you should do it now. Here is why:

  • Domains are cheap. They are in general $6.95 a year. Forget expensive service such as Yahoo! or even Go Daddy. You can get all your domains from cheaper services such as 1&1 ($6.95 a year), and you get free private registration. In essence, you can register all the domains you want without disclosing your name as the owner of the domain. How cool is that?
  • Good Domains Are Becoming Rare: Having the domain that is right for your online venture is important. You don’t want to have a domain that is longer than the book of lord of the ring. But if you wait and wait and wait, all half decent domains will be done, and you will either have to pay a premium (in thousands usually) to get the domain you like or get a domain that is either too long or totally unrelated to what you want to do.
  • Domain Age: Domain age is a big factor when it comes to getting ranked high on Google. Just get a domain, put a couple of pages up on it, and let it get ranked. As long as you have a couple of good article on that page, it’s not sitting there for nothing. And when you are ready to take your venture to the next level, you don’t have to start from scratch. I have learned the hard way. Don’t make my mistake.
  • Once you are hooked up…: The major thing about doing business online is taking risk. Some people consider spending $1000 a day on advertising a risk. Some people consider getting a domain a risk. But for only a few dollars a year, how big of a risk can it be to register a domain? It’s not a contract that you can’t get out of, and the domain does not allow the government to increase your taxes or anything like that. There is no risk, NADA! But once you register that domain, you are going to see things in a different way. You can think of ideas how to make your dream happen without worrying about having the right domain name.
  • Domains are Virtual Real Estate: It’s true. A lot of people consider this a marketing scheme. But it’s true. You can buy and sell domains and make a lot of money. CreditCards.com was sold for $2m a few years back. That’s serious cash. Not a lot of people have that kind of domain, but people who were smart in early days of the Internet, registered these domains and now they are getting their rewards. Don’t you wish you had that $2 million.

Domain registration is easy and it takes literally minutes. If you have an idea on what you want to do online, then start brainstorming for domain names now. If you don’t know what you want to know, then think about what you can see yourself doing in a year’s time. What’s your passion and what you love to do instead of pulling 9-5 hours. Whatever you do, don’t wait to long. Register a domain today.

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