5 Best Domain Tools for Businesses

by cyrus on Jan 8

When you are starting a business online, you are going to need a catchy domain name that you could use for branding and promotional purposes. But it goes beyond that. Having a lousy domain is the best way to get forgotten and lost in the crowd. Besides, a long domain will be hard to remember for your visitors and would leave a bad impression on your first time visitors as well.

Finding a catchy, short domain is very difficult these days. Most marketable domains have been taken either by real businesses or those who make a living selling domains to businesses. It is still possible to buy a catchy domain but that won’t come cheap. If you are starting up without a big budget, you may want to spend time searching for a good domain before spending your money on a premium one. These 5 tools make the process easier:

Domainsbot: one of the few tools that I have been using on a consistent basis in the past few years. The interface is ajaxified and very easy to use. The service comes with options to help you find brandable domains fast.

Domize: one of the more innovative domain tools one the market. You can combine your key terms and let the engine go to search for you. You can search through synonyms and even pass regular expressions to the engine.

Domainr: Domainr is an interesting tool that can dig up gems of domains out of thin air. If you have heard of domains such as bit.ly or su.pr and want to have a similar domain for your business, Domainr is the tool to use.

Domain Tools: more than just a domain search tool. It lets you run reverse IP, search through a domains history, and even generate typo. You can even set up alerts on your brand name just in case someone starts using them.

Bust a Name: it’s a very addictive service that lets you add multiple words and see if a combination of them is available. You can also filter through the results by defining how many words you want your domain to have, its extension, and its other properties.

The above tools won’t necessarily guarantee a good domain, but they make the search process easier. That’s really all you can ask for.

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