Quiet PC: How To Get One For Your Studio

by cyrus on Mar 1

Making your computer quiet is essential if you want to use one in your studio. Most computers you can buy on the market make noise that could show up in your audio recordings. But there are things you can do to get your hands on a quiet computer. Here are 3 ways to get a very quiet computer at home:


Serenity Pro: a super quiet computer system for your studio. Every aspect of these computers are optimized so you can get the quietest experience possible.


IsoBox Sound Proof Box: these are used by many pros in the world of audio engineering. The IsoBox virtually eliminates hard drive, fan and spindle noise while allowing you to keep your hands-on computer gear.


AcoustiPack: helps you soundproof your computer. These work for PC case sizes ranging from standard ATX up to larger E-ATX and pedestal server.

You could always improve the quality of your recordings by using the right equipment and software. The above solutions help you keep your PC quiet in your studio though.

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