5 Awesome App Mockup Apps for iPad

by cyrus on Jan 6

The iOS app development business can be quite lucrative. If you have a killer app idea and the drive to implement your plan the right way, there is no reason you can’t make it big in this business. Of course, there is more to developing apps than knowing coding. You are also going to have to focus on the design part of the process as well. These 5 mockup apps for iPad help you with that:

App Cooker: a complete app that helps you develop your idea, create mockups, and price your app the right way. This is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.

Blueprint for iPad: one of the most sophisticated mockup apps available for iPad (the one we use mainly). It has plenty of pre-designed widget with iOS views, controls, and buttons to get you started. It has a drag & drop interface. Its settings are highly customizable. It supports Dropbox too.

iMockups for iPad: this award winning application has a comprehensive set of tools to help you turn your ideas to mockups. It is great for presenting ideas and sharing them with your developers.

SketchyPad: this app works great for designing websites and apps. Creating mockups and linking them together are easy. The interface is pretty straight forward.

AppSketcher: useful for those of you who do not want to spend a whole lot on a mockup or sketching app. It is not as sophisticated as some of the above-mentioned apps but very simple to use.

These mockup apps are great tools you can use to take your app ideas to the next level. They are worth checking out for anyone into app development.

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