3 Mobile Speed Reading Apps That Make You Productive

by cyrus on Jul 22

Many entrepreneurs complain about not having enough time to read books and keep up with their favorite blogs. When you are working so hard to build a business, it is easy not to have time to do other things. By not reading enough, you will eventually get left behind. Speed reading can solve this problem. It can make you more productive and help you read more in less time. Here are 3 mobile apps that teach you how to read faster:

Acceleread: a powerful speed reading program for iPad that includes plenty of exercises one can tackle to become a faster reader. It focuses on improving the way you read as well getting rid of bad reading habits.

Quick Reader: it will slowly improve your reading speed. It gives you access to a ton of free e-books too. It accepts your own e-books too.

Speed Reader: an Android application that teaches you how to read faster on your mobile phone. You can control the speed and size of text.

Speed reading is not that difficult to master. It can save you a ton of time keeping up with your favorite books though.


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