4 Awesome Google+ Hangouts Tools

by cyrus on Sep 28

Google+ Hangouts is one of the most exciting features available in this community. It has something for everyone, whether we are talking about small businesses or individuals. As long as you are willing to show your face online and connect with your friends and customers, Hangouts could offer you a lot of value. These 4 tools help you get even more out of your Hangouts experience:

Hangout Canopy: an awesome Chrome extension that helps you keep up with the latest Hangouts on Google+. This aggregates all public hangouts to save you time.

Hype My Hangout: gives you an easy way to hype your Hangouts. Just provide all the relevant information, including date, and capture your video.

gPlus Hangouts: shows you a list of upcoming Hangouts with description, so you can join them easily.

Hangout Apps: includes an unofficial list of apps you can use to make your Hangouts more professional and fun. Apps such as Hangout Lower Third can more than help.

Google+ Hangouts are well worth checking out for businesses and individuals. The above tools help you get even more out of your Hangout sessions.

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