7 Must Try Tools for Online Businesses

by cyrus on Aug 3

In order to run a small business effectively and grow it, you are going to need to have to wear multiple hats. You can’t do everything by yourself either. Outsourcing some of your tasks is a good idea. Picking up some of these tools would help too:

SEOmoz: not a cheap solution by any means but if you want to be successful with your SEO efforts, you are going to need this tool. The site has plenty of tools and resources to keep you in top shape SEO-wise.

Sucuri: a web integrity monitoring service that keeps track of the changes happening on your website and helps you clean up attacked sites.

VaultPress: you never know when your server is going to crash. If you have not backed up your data, you are going to have a difficult time recovering from a crash. This service for WordPress helps you with backup and security issues.

JungleDisk: this service is useful for any website owner regardless of the platform you run your site upon. It is an offsite backup solution with cheap storage costs.

Pingdom: you may think that your website is online all the time. But if you are not monitoring it, how are you going to know for certain? Pingdom helps you track website up-time and more.

CloudFlare: need to speed up your website? CloudFlare might help. It allows you to distribute your content around the world and protect your site against online threats.

HootSuite: one of the best social media management tools around. It has collaboration, analytics, and social management features to save you time keeping your social campaigns on track.

Which online tools / services can”t you live without?

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