5 Cheat Sheets for Adobe Products

by cyrus on Dec 14

Adobe products are quite popular among professional. Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, and Dreamweaver are all great software applications for photo editing, post-production tasks, publishing, and web coding respectively. Learning their shortcuts could always make you more productive when using each of these tools. These 5 cheat sheets show you how to get started with Adobe applications:

Adobe Photoshop Cheat Sheet: It covers commands for this awesome photo editing software. It covers layers, tools, and other features.

Adobe Illustrator Cheat Sheet: covers all kinds of useful actions and commands you need to be familiar with to put your design together faster.

Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts: this cheat sheet covers shortcuts for Adobe After Effects. Useful for filmmakers.

Adobe InDesign Cheat Sheet
: if you use Adobe InDesign for desktop publishing, this cheat sheet could help you get your work done faster.

Dreamweaver CS6 For Dummies: Dreamweaver is still a pretty awesome tool for web development. This cheat sheet shows you how to get started with Dreamweaver right away.

These cheat sheets won’t make you a master but do save you time getting started with Adobe products. They are nice to have at your place of work as a reference.

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