5 Must See Cheat Sheets for Google+

by cyrus on Aug 10

Google+ may not have as many users as Facebook. But if you are ignoring it for your business, you are missing a huge opportunity. Google has already integrated results from Google+ in the search engine results pages. That is expected to continue for now. It is never too late to get started with Google+ though. These Google+ cheat sheets help you get started faster:

Google+ Shortcuts & Tips: a pretty decent cheat sheet that covers Google+ tips, shortcuts, and other useful information. Think of it as a crash course on Google+.

Google+ Cheat Sheet: a simple cheat sheet that has been around for quite some time. It gives you a crash course on G+ shortcuts and formatting options.

The Complete Google+ Cheat sheet: not only covers Google+ shortcuts but also tips you need to know to get started with Google+ faster.

Social media sizing cheat sheet: covers Facebook, Google+, and a few other networks. This saves you time when preparing your profile (via Luna Metrics).

Social Image Sizing Guide: another awesome cheat sheet that shows you image sizes you need to set up your social media profiles conveniently (via Original Ginger).

These cheat sheets don’t make you a master in Google+ but show you what you need to know to get started. They are super handy for busy business professionals.

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