7 Tactics To Grow Your Online Business

by cyrus on Aug 26

Many online business owners who achieve a degree of success get comfortable with it and do not take time to innovate to grow their business and take it to the next level. If you are not investing in your business and trying new tactics, you are going to get left behind. Here are 7 tactics you should use to keep your business relevant these days:

Develop an app: creating an iPhone or Android application for your business does not require major investment but could make a big difference. It could set your business apart from others in your industry.

Try e-book marketing: platforms such as Kindle have given independent publishers and small businesses the chance to publish reports, short, and long e-books to share them with the world. If you love writing or afford to hire a writer, this tactic could gain your brand more attention.

Publish infographics: infographics can gain a lot of links for your business and help your site move up in the rankings. If you have a design team, putting decent infographics together should not be that hard. Businesses can also hire design teams specifically for this job.

Adopt Video marketing: YouTube marketing is nothing new. But it is never too late to get started with it. Your videos can make your site more interactive and help drive more traffics to your business. Those that go viral can do wonders for your venture.

Target social media: websites such as Twitter and Facebook can help your business reach new heights. If you play your cards right, you can gain loyal fans and followers in these communities that can serve as your brand advocates. Setting up a decent Facebook page or Twitter profile is not that hard either.

Make your website mobile friendly: many business owners underestimate the power of mobile marketing. In order to target mobile visitors, you are going to need a mobile-friendly websites. Tools such as WP Touch make creating such a site easy.

Recruit affiliates: no matter how great of a marketer you are, there is no reason you should not try getting others to promote your products and services for you. Affiliates can help take your business a step or two beyond what it is today.

If you have been slacking off and not paid too much attention to adopting new ways to grow your business, adopting some of the above tactics is a good idea.

What other promotional channels do you believe businesses should focus on these days?

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